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A helping hand. If you're a beginner, then you'll love this Ukulele Basics Tuition Book and CD. It's a fantastic option for paving your way to ukulele greatness. This handy guide offers a complete course that every beginner will appreciate. It makes learning, and playing uke the joyful experience it should be. While providing the tips and tricks for playing accompaniments and chords. Plus, you'll study multiple exercises, techniques, and songs to practise and play along with. It's time to learn, discover, and create.


Easy To Follow Instructions

The Ukulele Basics book includes a series of miniature lessons, including new notes, rhythms and notation. Following these are a series of pieces to practice the techniques taught in the lessons. A set of quizzes and activities finish each chapter of the book to recap all aspects of the lessons.

Tunes to Play

This book features many tunes to practice and perform. The book incorporates pieces ranging from basic exercises to gain familiarity with new notes right through to short performance pieces. With these step by step tunes, the beginner can learn a wide variety of techniques, a vast range of notes and many musical terms.

Accompaniment CD

Included with this book is an accompaniment CD that helps the beginner learn ensemble techniques, such as basic counting, rhythmic techniques and listening. This can be used as an extra tool to continue practising outside of lessons.

Ukulele Basics Book

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